Journal articles

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  5. Gui-Liang Xu, Hao Wang, Hui Sun, Xiaoyi Zhang, Yang Ren, Cheng-Jun Sun, Yuzi Liu, Steve Heald, Zonghai Chen, Khalil Amine, Controlling the (de)lithiation Chemistry to enable High-performance Selenium-Sulfur Cathodes for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries, submitted to Journal of American Chemical Society

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  10. Jared T. Incorvati, Liwen F. Wan, Baris Key, Dehua Zhou, Chen Liao, Lindsay Fuoco, Michael Holland, Hao Wang, David Prendergast, Kenneth R. Poeppelmeier, John T. Vaughey, Reversible magnesium Intercalation into a Layered Oxyfluoride Cathode, Chemistry of Materials, 2016, 28(1), 17-20

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  1. Discovery of a Halogen-Free Electrolyte for Magnesium Battery, pending 

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